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The Ultimate in Air Conditioning 

Ducted air conditioning is surely the ultimate in comfort. The Fujitsu ducted models offer quiet, efficient operation, are easy to maintain, and operated via a wall mounted LCD control that controls all functions of the system.

Invisible Comfort 
Whatever shape of the room, ducted units create uniform temperatures throughout. The unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void. Cool or warm air is then ducted into each room through outlets positioned in the walls, floor or ceiling. Easily controlled, Fujitsu's ducted systems provide comfort throughout your house without leaving cool or hot spots.

The Ducted Air Conditioning System
• Perfect comfort throughout each room
• Visually appealing
• Concealed Installation
• Reverse Cycle heating and cooling
• Quiet operation
• Easy to Use LCD Controller

Inverter Ducted Technology

What's an inverter?
Room Warming Speed - Through new, advanced technology, Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

Power and Speed: Inverter Control
The Inverter component allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit. Thus, the Inverter model can achieve 30% more operating efficiency than conventional models and therefore, is much cheaper to run.

Stable & Comfortable
The air conditioner’s output is stabilised at the optimum setting within the range from maximum to minimum to match the load, which is affected by factors such as the room temperature and the number of people present.

All DC Components
By utilising a DC Compressor and Fan Motor, electricity loss is decreased and power consumption is substantially reduced. In addition, by increasing the air flow on high speed, the heat exchanger efficiency has been improved which has reduced the overall annual power consumption.

Superior Features of the Fujitsu Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:
• Efficient Inverter Operation
• R410A refrigerant -zero ozone depletion potential
• Convenient optional dual simple controller
• Auto heat cool changeover
• Auto Restart if power supply is interrupted
• Room Temperature sensor selection (day/night switch) for indoor comfort
• Temperature setback timer adjusts comfort automatically within the room
• Cobalt blue heat exchanger on the outdoor unit coil extends the life of the air conditioner
• Safe child lock function
• commercial mode operation
• flexible external fresh air and electrical heater output.
Our Install Process Ducted Splits
We endeavour to make the installation as smooth & simple as possible for all of our clients. 
We understand the stress of having work carried out in your home, so that’s why we are not only fully qualified and accredited tradesmen but domestic installation specialists, and are sensitive to your needs.
• Before any work commences our team will confirm all outlet and controller locations.
• Your choice of ceiling diffusers will be connected by insulated fire rated flexible duct.
• The outdoor compressor unit will be located on ground level with the final position to be confirmed onsite with the installation team, the unit will be mounted on rubber feet to reduce vibration.
Please note: location of outdoor unit must meet regulations & warranty requirements.
• The indoor fan coil unit will be suspended from the rafters (where possible) within the roof space. Primary and secondary drains shall be provided from the Indoor unit to a drain point.
• Where possible colour co-ordinated pipe covers shall be supplied by Quik Air free of charge.

We install any brand : 
• Fujitsu
• Daikin
• Mitsubishi
• Panasonic
• LG
• Kelvinator
• Samsung
• Plus every other brand.

An example of a Ducted Air Conditioner by LG