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Changeover your old gas-guzzling heater today with a new model from Australia's leading manufacturers.

A new gas heater for your home will provide clean, quiet warmth for your family this winter. A new unit will be more energy-efficient - getting more warmth into your house for the gas consumed and because you will use less gas for the same amount of heat, running costs will be less.

Quik Air recommends the new Braemar Ecostar – with 3, 4 & 5 star models. Each star rating gives you about a 10% saving on your gas bill. The initial outlay will be higher but over the medium to long term you’ll save real dollars.

Now is the time to install your new changeover heater. While you're at it get Quik Air to check your ducting to see if it’s past its use by date. Any ductwork over 15 years may have lost its sealing ability due to the tape.

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