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Samsung AQV18UWFujitsu ASTG09LVCAMitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE25VA KITFujitsu ASTG12LVCAFujitsu ASTG12LVCAMitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE80BVA KIT
Split-systems supersede the old 'box in the wall' room air-conditioner. The main components are the indoor unit connected by pipe work and electrics to the outside condenser unit. Consideration does have to be given to drainage from the indoor unit as condensation occurs during the cooling process.
Split systems are operated by wall or remote controls. There are attractive, modern styles to suit all taste. Ultra quiet models are available which adjust room temperature without starting or stopping. Multi wall splits are also available which means you have one outdoor unit with two or more indoor units. These and single splits are also available with the new inverter technology. The new inverter models control current frequency according to the desired temperature setting and outside air conditions, so that energy-efficient performance is assured.
Split systems are quick and easy to install even in those difficult areas
Split System Air Conditioner for Cooling & Heating
If you want cooling and heating in the one appliance, split system air conditioning systems are the ideal air conditioning solution for you. Even better if you have solar, as the running cost will be almost $0 for smaller systems.
For medium-sized rooms, split systems are an ideal way of providing quiet, convenient cooling and heating - without the need for two separate air conditioning units.
Advances in "inverter" technology mean you can now enjoy more efficient, stylish, and effective cooling and heating than ever.
Talk to Ryan for advice on the right system, at the price for you.


We install any brand : 
• Fujitsu
• Daikin
• Mitsubishi
• Panasonic
• LG
• Kelvinator
• Samsung
• Plus every other brand.










Samsung AQV18UW

5kw cool/ 6kw heat





Fujitsu ASTG09LVCA

Heating/Cooling with Inverter
Power: 2.6kw 

Suitable for room sizes: 10m2 to 18m2



Mitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE25VA KIT

2.5KW Cool / 3.2KW Heat
Heating/Cooling with Inverter
Power: 2.5kw 

Suitable for room sizes: 10m2 to 18m2



Fujitsu ASTG12LVCA

Heating/Cooling with Inverter
Power: 3.5kw

Suitable for room sizes: 21m2 to 28m2





Mitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE71 KIT

7.1KW Cool / 8.1KW Heat

Heating/Cooling with Inverter
Power: 7.1kw 




Mitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE80BVA KIT

8.1KW Cool / 9 KW Heat

**Reverse Cycle Inverter
Power: 8.1kw 



Split System by Quik Air